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Third Choice
The popular notion on Almere is not positive. People associate it with criminality, youth hanging around doing nothing and a lot of ugliness. The Netherlands is a country with a rich history, therefore with a lot of old architecture. Rotterdam and Almere are one of the few cities in the Netherlands that is primarily made up of brand new landscapes. All in all, people do not feel warm and fuzzy about Almere. That’s why some people say that the best thing about Almere is the train leaving it. This is the Central Station of Almere.

Diversity Rocks



Third Choice
Popular stories of the city
It’s a multicultural city, but unfortunately the largest political party of Almere is the right wing party of Wilders (the PVV, whose popular in the Netherlands for their negative stand against Islam) with 30% of the votes in the municipal elections of 2010. It’s hard to imagine why a city with so much cultural diversity would vote for a party that tries to exclude so many people.

On the waterfront park



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Subsequent outcomes on the waterfront park @ Weerwater area
There seems to be a lot of emptiness in Almere. You see very few people. Housing is scattered over a large piece of land. In between places there is a lot of nothing, which gives the city -certainly in this misty weather- an eerie feeling. In the picture you see an empty park overlooking the Weerwater,